Lists List is also a fundamental data type for most of the other data structures of KDB. The datatypes like Dictionary, Table, Enumerations etc. are made of Lists. And that is the reason that the type value for these datatypes is always positive e.g. a a Table has type value of 98, a Dictionary has […]


Datatypes KDB+ has 3 Data Constructs: Atoms, List & Dictionary Every Datatype has an associated Type Number, Type Symbol and a Type Name Associated with it Almost each Datatype has a Null & an Infinite value assigned for itself The Datatypes could be casted from one type to another, wherever it makes sense e.g. Int […]


Introduction To KDB+ Features High Performance Database, managing real time and historical data within a single platform Column Oriented Embedded query language – q In-memory and on-disk data access Optimized and configurable partitioning of on-disk data 64-bit architecture with built-in multi-threaded support Direct analysis on data High speed time series analysis Discrete and continuous joins […]