KDB+ - A Columnar Timeseries Database

As there is a big push for the Big Data in IT Industry, you must be prepared for the future. And the traditional Relational Databases are the things of the past. Columnar Database is the present and the future and KDB+ is leading the pack with its zero latency, high performance and the simplistic design. It is extensively used in all the major Investment Banking Firms across the world. Nevertheless, a KDB+ developer is one of the highest paid jobs in IT industry.  It is because, the KDB+ is extensively used by most of the giants of the Financial Industry. It is specifically used to capture the trade data with almost zero latency. This helps the firms to design efficient strategies and thus great profits for the clients.

As it is a Columnar Database, i.e. data is stored column wise rather than row-wise, the memory used is quite less compared to the Row-Oriented Databases. While there is no big change in the method of query from the traditional Databases. This makes it popular among the developers as the learning curve is steep and it’s easy to grasp the concepts.

The Timeseries nature of the Database makes it even more useful specifically for Trading data as it is time sensitive.

A huge amount of Mathematical functions pre-defined and made readily available with the q binary e.g. avg, med, cov, var, wavg, mavg  etc. and a lot more, makes it extremely useful for Financial Applications. These functions are also optimized to work on vectors seamlessly without any worry of speed and performance.